I witnessed a very beautiful stage show at Radio City, New York, today. Just a pint down, perfect symmetry, lighting, execution, performance, story, etc. etc. I am happy happy 🙂

Though the show ended on a religious note, which I should have expected because it was based on Christmas, I liked it. They did not overdo the religion part. On a quite separate note, I think art based on love and religion, is the best. Because the artist feels it truly, puts in all their soul and heart into it. It strikes the right chord, and is pure, beautiful 🙂


Get Lucky, Get Lucky

You may consider this to be a compensation for not having posted Big Apple – 3 because I just slept through the day, had quite a teaful of stomach, smoked hooka, and listened to music. There was no New York gaga yesterday.

I want to talk about a song I like. I am posting about it because I have a strong strong urge to do so. I do agree that everyone has their own interpretation of songs, and it’s always to each his own. But this song – Get Lucky, by Daft Punk, has been misunderstood way too much I feel. Whoever I tried making understand its meaning to has argued with me, and shut me up saying – the artist sure did not mean it the way you see it, and you are just way too romantic. Ermmm…No one has called me romantic before this, and anyway, I am entitled to my opinion, because I back it up with reasoning. Strong logical romantic reasoning. Here goes:

I think it’s NOT a song about one night stand, where a guy has just met a girl, and they both are flirting now – getting all lucky. It’s just not that. My heart cries when people think so, because it has a much more beautiful meaning, for me at least. A guy and a girl, who have been feeling something for each other for long, but have restrained for some reason. The time has now come, to raise the bar, to take it further, to consummate the strange relationship after all. Look beyond just “We’re up all night to get lucky” and you will probably see what I see. You can be naughty in love!

Big Apple – 2

My second day did not go so much as planned. I wanted to be to The Dakota, but it’s postponed now. I had a great time with my school friend though, and gazed at all the lights in Times Square, walked down the avenues and streets in cold, got lost in beautiful thoughts, and came back home.

I will watch a movie I had once watched and loved. I had watched it in parts the first time. It’s Once. I had watched half of it at night, and the other half early in the morning, because I could not sleep the whole night. One of those rare sleepless nights that you want to always remember and smile.

For now, I would love to share with you a very romantic cover of an old song. Do enjoy, if you are in NYC, or in love, or both. Enjoy even if both don’t hold true, but you still have the heart to enjoy – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnMPfuzng0w

Big Apple – 1

So it’s my first day in Big Apple. Christmas Eve, beautiful lights, beautiful streets, some sort of weird nostalgia which comes up without having had any history to do with the experience.

I plan to write every single day, for ten days, during my stay here. Let’s see if I can accomplish that. It seems now that this blog is turning into my e-diary, which I do not resort to anymore. Anyway, I have been wanting to write about my travelling for quite some time. Nice incentive this happens to be.

My first day starts with a feather-light bus journey with my favourite songs in loop, the sun shining on my face, remembrance of Bombay as New York arrived, meeting my school friend after more than a year, having good Indian Chinese food, Indian food, driving through beautifully-lit expensive streets, staring through all these, remembering remembrances, breathing, having beer as also typing onto my blog.

My friend would be working after tomorrow. I can roam around the city by myself. Nothing excites me more than that prospect! I have made up my mind to visit the Dakota tomorrow 🙂 IMAGINE the excitement!

More to come!

What a day – 4 Days Out

What a day!

I have been wanting to watch a particular set of movies, for a long long time. Since today morning, to be precise. Vested interests, you know.

I saw the ninth episode of season two, Breaking Bad. So far, my favourite of all that I have seen.

To begin, on a light note – I love Jesse Pinkman; so unassuming, so crystal clear, so naive, so innocent. Then I love Walter; so raw, so chewy, so persistent, so scared all the time. And then, I love their chemistry. No, I don’t mean their lab, or their work (which I do love). I mean, THEIR chemistry. In all these episodes, they have not talked to each other straight, once. But Walter has probably not talked so much to anyone as he has to to Jesse, in all this time. Also, it almost feels like Walter is a teacher first, and then a chemist.

After being stranded on a desert for more than three days, and when they are almost on the verge of losing their bearings, Jesse sparks Walter up with an idea of building something like a robot, or may be something humble, like a battery. Genius Walter chooses to build a battery, and all the while, as he is building it, he teaches Jesse how he is going all about it. He has already called Jesse a clown, the dumbest person ever, etc. so many times. Walter still explains every step to Jesse, spells out all the chemicals’ names to him. Despite being stranded on a desert, dehydrated, coughing blood, wanting to fucking get out of there, he teaches him. The best scene!

Next, about Walter’s remission. Less said, the better. It’s times like these that either make us, or break us. His family rejoices the news, with tears and hugs. Then everything in their past, all the hardships, all the bitterness and tensions, start seeming trivial. We have to hang in there, keep loving, don’t we? But there has to be a “we”. Everything is fair in love and war. But when wars need an “I” to win, love needs a “we”.

PS: Sneaking in a bit of vanity, I knew Walter’s report would be super positive. So out there!

Dr. Siri and Blah – the last part ever

Dr. Siri is waiting..disturbed..May be she needs some psychiatric help herself after all.. She thinks..Plans out what she thinks is an ingenious plan.

Blah: Hey Dr. Siri! I am back!

Dr. Siri: That was quick! So considerate of you!

Blah: I know. Thanks.

Dr. Siri: What were you up with?

Blah: I just found out that what they give you on board when on a flight is in most probability, fucking Deor Fizzante..

Dr. Siri: ermmm…

Blah: Yeah..It’s sour, fizzy, and what really gives you the high is the altitude

Dr. Siri: Oh!?

Blah: So yeah…

Dr. Siri: What more?

Blah: I will continue. Nothing surprises me.

Dr. Siri: Meaning?

Blah: I am happy with just one thing about myself. I can guess anything, almost anything. All right.

Dr. Siri: For example?

Blah: Many examples: I can guess what is going to happen next. I can unveil. I knew Christian Bale had a look-alike before they revealed it, in The Prestige, I could guess the Shutter Island story, I could guess the criminals in The Mentalist, I could guess Adam’s name in The End of Mr.Y, before he told what his name was, I could guess that Estha and Rahel were incest siblings, in my favourite story, The God of Small Things, before Rahel revealed it to us all, beautifully. It’s so out there!

Dr. Siri: aaaaha?

Blah: I thought I had lost that gift. But I just found out I have not. I just found out that I could guess that it was Jesse’s brother who had hidden the joint, before they revealed it. He was smoking up. I guessed it right, I also found out that Elliot had stolen the tiara for Skyler’s daughter. I still have that gift. Nothing surprises me.

Dr. Siri: What do you mean?

Blah: I know what is going on in your robot head. I have another gift, but enough of this. Come here. Let me kill you.

PS: Surprise me, if you can!