Joni, be my granny

I look up to some people, and respect their words, their work, a lot.

One of these people is Joni Mitchell. I think she is a very wise woman. She considers herself a painter first, and then a musician. But I seek a lot of wisdom from her music. I have never come across someone put things in such simple, yet profound perspective. It speaks of a free soul, that can love infinitely. Without drama, without pain. It speaks of selfless love, where you get to love yourself too. It speaks of floating on clouds, swinging on see-saws, counting all that you have got, and so on, and all that with someone you love. Honey sweet.

It would have been so nice to have her as my granny. Don’t take me wrong, I have seen only one of my four grandparents, and she is no more too. Also, we never really bonded much. I can’t wish her to be my neighbour, because I do not want one house to settle in to. I can probably wish her to be my sister, or friend, but granny sounds like the best. One of my parents would have been way cooler than what they are currently. Also, I would have listened to someone then, probably cared to heed to some advice given to me.

Anyway, I have digressed more than I should have, so I will share one of my favourites with you. It’s called Big Yellow Taxi, which most people know because of the cover by Counting Crows. It’s not bad, but I cannot listen to it for more than 30 sec. They don’t know what they are trying to cover. Or I don’t know probably. I am not biased, not at all 🙂



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