Setting Protocols in a relationship

With your partner:

How do you talk? Do you send an SMS? Do you chat? Do you video-chat?

If you meet each other everyday, do you still do any of the above?

When do you chat? How often?

How long do you talk? What do you discuss?

Do you say ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ to each other every day?

Do you send forwarded SMSes that are kind of funny and cute?

Do you send random SMSes like ‘I miss you’ or ‘ :* ‘?

Where do you go to stroll? How often do you go? Do you tag along friends? 

Do you share pictures of each other?

Is it allowed to flirt with someone else? Some harmless flirting?

Do you share your passwords?

I am sure that one person has an upper hand, in the sense, they decide most of the above things by initiating them, continuing them, stopping them, etc. Who decides all of the above in your relationship? The answer will tell you where you stand in the relationship, and where the relationship stands in your life.

What if you do something that you like, and your partner doesn’t? Do you talk about it? Do you argue or fight? Do you ignore? Or hide? Or lie? Or let things fall apart slowly?

If you are wondering what crap I am talking about, then it could be because of one of the following:

1. You set protocols in your relationship/s. Stop being a bully.

2. You are with a perfect partner, and you two rock!

3. You have never been in a relationship

Here’s a sweet little song that makes the entire charade above look kind of cute