Betty Draper


Just moved on to MadMen, season two. It’s addictive. I can’t really find the words to describe why it is good, like most of the very good things. It’s subtle. In all the condescending ways that it shows, in the relationships, meanings, madness, etc. and yet profoundly strong. Only someone who understands it is supposed to understand it, of course. High class, avarice, cheating, smoking are excessive, but that’s again its dramatics, without being dramatic.

Season two warrants the mention of the character Jimmy Barrett, and I am sad that they let Rachel go. I had almost decided her to be my favourite, but it’s Betty Draper. Hands down. I love her.

Being in-line with my feminism, I would like to post another picture of her, not just because it’s sexy, but because she truly is a good mother.



Feminist Plans

When I study and I don’t want to study, any kind of distraction works for me (or against me). Any kind. Audio, visual, mental. I was trying my best to concentrate on the text in front of me, but nothing seemed to help. I started imagining the wildest kind of things. Things I would be doing after exam 🙂

I am not a feminist. I consider myself an equalist. But I got this wild thought – what if I act in subtle ways to show that I am a feminist, and a mean snappy one? An experiment kind of thing. Of course there were a couple triggers for this, but more on those stories may be later. I want to snap at people (not my good friends and nice people, of course). Just people who make life difficult. I snap at people anyway, but I want to go an extra mile and be mean, and find out how things work. Point is, I want to start acting like an annoying feminist, and snappy, for my experiments (yeah, that). Until this vacation ends. And a couple other things. I want to learn to sketch well. Also, write a little about clothes and clothing, and may be food (aligns with the distant future plans). Not sure if there’s enough time for all of this, but I will try. I don’t like my sketching much, but here’s an attempt


I guess that’s a good start for the plans 😉

Exam’s over. It’s nice being a student. The prospect of exams, and them getting over. Wanting to do exciting things after exams.

I watched Django Unchained finally. When I put it from the start, I could not watch it. It took me back to that night, that I want to forget. I could not, but I watched it. Till the end. All my love for Quentin, Leonardo, Christoph. It’s a beautiful, dramatic movie about freedom, and love.

A Lousy Pending Thought Taken Care Of


Thoughts come, and if they are not treated, new thoughts do not come easily. They have to be either very lousy, or written down somewhere; for the thoughts to be taken care of. Well, they can be lousy, and you may still write them down and take good care of them. Sometimes, not-so-lousy thoughts are not written, with a hope that they will go away. After all, writing is just a by-product of thinking.

Why Robin and Kohinoor

Robin. Robin is a good name. Doesn’t matter if it belongs to a girl or a guy. It sounds crisp, practical, objective, and yet, crazy. Completely crazy. At least that’s how it was thought of. And then the stupidest sitcom came, with Robin in it. The sitcom was never finished watching, but Robin was nice. She fit the bill. Mostly because of her name. So much for names.

Kohinoor. Is it an Indian name? Yeah. Does it belong to a diamond, the biggest one? Yeah, and it also belongs to basmati rice. And condoms. Baby Kochamma thinks it belongs to her, the name. That connving ugly woman. Anyway, who cares? Kohinoor just popped from somewhere. So much for names.

Why not Question, Exclamation, Purr, Snoopy, etc.

The names initially thought of were – Question and Exclamation. There are questions everywhere. Stupid, interrogative, irritating, rhetoric. There are exclamatory answers to those questions. Not so much because they are surprising. But because they are surprisingly obvious. But Question and Exclamation do not form so much as silhouettes. Thoughts in form of dialogues warrant at least silhouettes.

It could also have been Purr, Snoopy, Furry, but characters that of beyond Robin and Kohinoor are not required. Feline, foxy, piscine, ursine, bovine are all funny, and take up too much characteristic importance than they should.

What to expect

There will be dialogues. Stupid ones, that come out of thin air, and disappear in thin air. Dialogues that no one cares about. Robin and Kohinoor will treat them right.

Introducing Robin and Kohinoor

Robin: Hi

Kohinoor: Hi

Lady’s Finger and Travelling

A lot of my friends are travelling at a very young age. But only few of them are really travelling. I mean, they are travelling with less money, and more purpose. Most of my friends are travelling to upload pictures of fancy swimming pools, wine glasses, etc. Come on, who can’t do that if they have money? Travelling really means – staying in cheap restaurant, walking, hiking, biking, using public transportation, talking to strangers, hiding passports, eating local food, and so on. I want to put every penny I have into travelling. But right now I don’t have even that kind of money. But sure I have plans for Christmas, and like hell I am going to new places. I am finding places where I have friends who can host me, for now.

For about a year now I have been going sometimes alone around the town. That’s when I feel I am exploring the town, when I am alone. I go to restaurants alone, sometimes to even drink. I go alone for breakfast. I come across some funny incidents – like the waitress asking me twice if I am waiting for someone, a niece offering her pink sweatshirt to her uncle who is cold because he is new to the place, women bitching about their friend behind her back when she goes to the restroom, etc. I am lucky that I am in one of the safest towns in the US. I can never take this thing for granted.

Now that I can’t travel much, and I am eagerly waiting for my job to start so that I can travel more, I spend more time on cooking, painting, and sometimes yoga. I had learned this technique of using vegetables to paint, when I was in school. There was a free art workshop and I had gone for that. Today I cooked lady’s finger, and this is what I made from the waste:

2014-12-12 20.59

Some things to remember (which by the way were not taught in the workshop):

Lady’s finger are a really sticky business, if you don’t know already. Make sure you wipe off the sticky goo on some cloth before proceeding. Use the back part of the vegetable, so that you have something to hold on to.

Make sure there are no seeds in it.

Apply a single layer of paint using brush. Don’t keep it thick or don’t dip it in the colour. Press well on the paper. Make sure you press firmly, yet softly. That thing is fucking sticky and slips.

When using a new colour, wipe off the old colour with the cloth. It can be boring to start all over again with a new vegetable that’s fucking sticky.

I wanted to use opposite colours, and as much of them as possible, including black and white. I had a pretty shade of pink which did not have an opposite as such to go with it (brown would have probably been fine), but I thought it would fit in perfectly with black and white. I might do this whole thing again with just black, white, and baby pink. I had initially thought of using a different wash shade for different sets of opposites. But I opted for grey. Grey is a truly beautiful neutral colour. It saves you always. Especially with clothes, when you don’t know or have no time to think about a proper match. Those flowers are by the way for my baby who will be moving to the US soon. I have to get in shape for her, and clear my lungs off all the shit. We will be travelling a lot, without a doubt.

Tell them you are hungry and they’ll hide their food
Tell them you are cold and they’ll put off the fire
Tell them you are sleepy and they’ll probably scream
Tell them you are happy and they’ll frown
Tell them to leave you alone and they’ll haunt you
You need to open the door to find who is with you
Turn around, it’s your shadow….



What do you get when you put together a bunch of people (it’s easy to put them together, because they live in the same bubble), people who talk a lot about the stuff they hear here and there, and do nothing, while away their time, people who say dangerous things, but cannot do an iota of harm, because they are too lazy? I am not doing enough justice yet, but yes, you get this movie – Slacker.

You see L.L.Bean, Subway, Dunkin Donut, Coke, Buds. Because if you haven’t got the clue yet – then it’s America for you. You see fanny packs, tees with holes, a guy looking at his wrist for time when he has no watch, a guy with butt-hugging jeans, a guy with nice calves, a Greek girl with a transparent dress and sleeves wet from sweat, stupid coffee shops selling stupid coffee, random dudes playing contra – that’s people who are just living. Living for the heck of it, neither enjoying being lazy in particular, not yearning to do something for better. But yeah, they hear and read a lot of stuff. They fool themselves, and others. That’s when they start talking about random stuff, because that is the only thing that keeps them going in their lives, outside of which probably nothing is true for them. They are not an apathetic bunch per se – they are just dead inside. But they talk about things like – Frank Zappa, Dostoyevsky, aliens and spaceships and landing on moon bullshit, Madonna pap smear (lol, that lady was easily my favourite character), a guy selling Nelson Mandela tees with random talks (I seriously got lost there), a guy churning out all the philosophy he has ever read to a girl who points a finger at him for being unoriginal and making up patches of all the shit he has read (Linklater is funny; he has done that himself in the entire movie; that guy has oodles of sarcasm), a fat dude yapping about Kennedys (have had enough of that), a man saying – I have less important things to do – when they ask him if he has voted, oblique strategies. Phew! I can go on and on. It’s like Linklater goes to shops, bars, coffee shops, sad clubs with posers, etc. just to watch these people. And there he passes his judgment through his movie, when someone screams – Wake up America!

PS: There are different obsessions in different countries. They are all humans we are talking about.