I plan to write more and more…about travel, love, my love for travel, and everything in between. I want to write with more purpose now, and I begin with new beginnings (a free and new theme, to start with.) For now writer’s block has taken over, but I will  be back 🙂 Let’s see how far it goes. But it does align with a lot of my plans 😀 As selfish as it can get haha


I sit down with a clean slate. Head like a mirror, not taking in anything anymore. Heart like a blackhole, which has sucked in a lot, but is still void. I sit with a clean slate, to write upon it, with my finger. No words form. I just stare. 

Her receptors had sensed something, two days ago. She had her feelers working too well, sometimes. She was ecstatic, something seemed promising. In the cafe, the lady taught her some tricks – look cute, smile like you are smiling right now, show that you don’t care, call him up on a date. She laughed and lied that she would try all of those. She thanked her. She also told her that he was weird. Then she blushed. The lady said – when I was 20, I used to blush too, it’s okay. She told her she was almost 30. The lady went – oh no no no no! He was having his lunch, some feet away. 

Day was bad, like most other days. Things were topsy-turvy. The next day, her friend was crying, shedding tears. She was selecting some camisoles online, not bothered. The evening brought her good news. She was ecstatic. She was prancing around, dancing, hugging. For her best friend. But that was not it. Her feelers kept feeling something more. Something more was around the corner. She could never dismiss this feeling; she had long ago learned to not underestimate it.

She got up this morning. She shook her head and went back to sleep. She got up later again. She smelled her own skin. She smelled not like herself. Old spice, wasn’t it? She knew she could not bathe until the scent had worn off. She kept smelling herself. She smiled a lot. She saw stains of blood, and smiled some more. She laughed at the silly bees who could not see the window pane, and kept banging their heads cutely against them. She went back to sleep. When she got up, she smelled her own breath. Her skin smelled like her own now. Damn! It was a dream. A long long long dream. She went for a shower. Then as usual, she played her music.

The Power of Social Media

After having criticized social media, I feel the responsibility to say good things about it. Not just like that, but because it is truly powerful, and has taken forward positive media, and taking actions quicker, by leaps.

Recently I bought a product, an audio CD worth $10. When it arrived at my doorstep, I saw a note with it that said – you will keep receiving higher versions of this package, that come in four steps, once every two months. You get to try them for free, and keep them with you without paying, for a month. If you decide to keep them, we charge you $250 for every one of those four packages. They have already set this up by creating an account for me, and are going to charge me. I don’t even want their $10 shit anymore. WTH! How can some business have the balls to do something like that? Fuck your marketing tactic, it sucks big time. I could have applied for a new card, but I wanted to give them back bullshit tenfold, and not their way, but my way. I called them up immediately, and asked them to NOT send me the further versions. The guy tried explaining the product to me, and its pros. I cut him short, and kept telling him that I did not have the time and money for their further versions. He was a dumbfuck, trained to forced shit down people’s throat, and I was patient to explain to him for 10-15 minutes that I needed the thing not sent to me, to save me and them, energy, time, and money. He assured that the settings for my account were changed and the further packages won’t be sent.

I received the package anyway. I was infuriated beyond limit. I wanted to throw away the shit, fling it in the community garbage. I emailed them, because if I had called I would have abused them mercilessly. I told them what happened, and they responded very poorly, and then stopped responding altogether. Next step, I called them up, and the lady had the balls to start explaining the product to me once again. I raised my voice and said some nasty things. She asked me to ship back the product to them, and ensured that the settings to my account will be changed permanently. I told her I would not ship, because it was not my mistake, but then I finally decided to ship it anyway. I decided to take action separately, and ship it so as not to have to deal with them stealing money from me. 

I shipped them back their shit and asked for reimbursement. They did not respond. I filed an online complaint with Federal Trade Commission, and they have recorded my complaint, and seemingly informed the business too. I wrote on the company’s twitter wall that I was going to take serious action. Here is a snapshot of what ensued over PM:






















I want to sue these people, but I am kinda too tired for that right now.

Social media is really powerful.

Adieu, home

The other day my cab driver told me that he has been in this town for about fourteen years now. I asked him with surprise – wow! so how has it been here for fourteen years? It’s a long long time! He said – yeah I like it, but east or west, home is the best. Right? He was from Uganda. I said – I don’t know what to say to that. I am not attached to any place, not even my homeland. I mean, I love it and all, but I love it like I would love any other place. He did not reply to that. I kept talking – I think may be I have not been away from my homeland for too long ever. I know I said that just to make him feel better about his harmless jingoism. But I knew what I was talking about. 

One year in a house, in a new country. I bid my goodbye to that house last night. I am at a temporary place right now, in a room, on a bed. Surrounded by so much stuff that the only visible space on floor is where we left it free for walking. 

My adieu to a house, that finally became a home, just for one inhabitant. That’s me. A house where I grew up the most in the least amount of time. The walls of which saw me smile and weep. A house where I made enemies and some friends. A house that saw me drown, and that saw me fly. A house where there were first times, and last times. Outside which my love kissed me, on our first night. Inside which he kissed me, for the last time. A house with a beautiful window, which was my friend on all those sleepless nights. From where I saw the sun, and the moon, pretty with clouds and all. I will not miss it, but I will have the memories.

I have a new a house to dwell in, to make a home of. New stories to live. New places to go to. My feet won’t stop. Not until my heart beats. 

PS: The world is my oyster

Before Sunset

After watching Before Sunrise, I was dumbfounded. For the anecdotes, and the thoughts put across, the coincidences. I had a plan in mind – I am going to write a book. I don’t know what is going to happen with it, but I will write it. And someone somewhere might read it. But as I started watching Before Sunset, I could not believe what was happening. I decided that I was not going to write any book, any story. Hell I don’t even know where to begin from, and how to end it. I would never know how to end it. And I would not want to end it. And I will not want someone somewhere to not read it. Anyway, my favourite song from the movie:

And my favourite scene:


It’s been difficult picking up a book. Even more difficult, trying to read it, and not put it down. It’s been difficult trying to watch a movie, and cruise through it, till the end. It’s been difficult, going places, experiencing them as I would have, at other times.

Everything is overwhelming. Choking. But I guess I have to get my nerves together. I felt that one thing, which bowled me over, which knocked me off. I cannot let it go, it’s like my precious diamond. I cannot let it go, it’s like the reason for my being, which I never knew existed. It’s unreal, but it’s become a part of me. I do not know what is going to happen. I am clueless like a monkey, like a baby, like a teenager, like an old woman. Not like a traveler anymore. 

But I have so many books to read, so many movies to watch, so many places to go to. I have so many books to read all over again, so many movies to cry and laugh about, once again, so many places to go to once again, and feel nostalgic. I might take my last breath the way I don’t fancy it. I may not get what I need, and what I want. I may fall in love again, who knows? I may never be able to feel this feeling, for anyone else. But I would like to read all those books on my shelf, watch those movies on my list, and visit all those mysterious places. I may not be able to share them the way I want to, or to add to the list, but I would like to pay my respect to the authors, the makers and actors, the people, who have felt it like I did, who had the courage to etch it, share it, who felt more than I did, in different ways, and who got me there. Who were lucky like me, and unlucky like me. I can try, at least.