Get Lucky, Get Lucky

You may consider this to be a compensation for not having posted Big Apple – 3 because I just slept through the day, had quite a teaful of stomach, smoked hooka, and listened to music. There was no New York gaga yesterday.

I want to talk about a song I like. I am posting about it because I have a strong strong urge to do so. I do agree that everyone has their own interpretation of songs, and it’s always to each his own. But this song – Get Lucky, by Daft Punk, has been misunderstood way too much I feel. Whoever I tried making understand its meaning to has argued with me, and shut me up saying – the artist sure did not mean it the way you see it, and you are just way too romantic. Ermmm…No one has called me romantic before this, and anyway, I am entitled to my opinion, because I back it up with reasoning. Strong logical romantic reasoning. Here goes:

I think it’s NOT a song about one night stand, where a guy has just met a girl, and they both are flirting now – getting all lucky. It’s just not that. My heart cries when people think so, because it has a much more beautiful meaning, for me at least. A guy and a girl, who have been feeling something for each other for long, but have restrained for some reason. The time has now come, to raise the bar, to take it further, to consummate the strange relationship after all. Look beyond just “We’re up all night to get lucky” and you will probably see what I see. You can be naughty in love!


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