I like writing. Writing about what’s inside my head. It’s better than saying it to someone through talks. Saying it to someone you know. So, in my effort to weed out biased opinions because of knowledge of who I am, what my sex is, what I look like, I choose to remain without an identity.

I always wrote. For myself. But lately, I have been getting this urge, a desire, that someone else reads what I write, knows what I think. And argues. Calls it crap. Calls it brilliant. Ignores it because it’s not worthy even reading it. The reaction could be anything.

I have read a lot of pure beautiful logic, absurd belief, contradicting rants. I would like all that in response to what I write, what I think. As simple and as selfish as it could get, I would like all this for my own satisfaction. Albeit, without letting anyone know who I am. Hahaha.. I know no one gives a dingo’s kidneys. But yeah… 

PS: I am the copyright owner of all the images and write-ups on this blog. If I ain’t, the work is/will be attributed to its owner. Sure, I am This and That, but I am the owner of all the work on this blog, unless stated otherwise. Brouhaha!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. It is not about you. It is about what you write. Because we cannot know you; we can only read what you write. And if it has worth, if it resonates, we are glad that you wrote it. We’ll gladly give an offering of dingo’s kidneys for more.

    If you are like me, then whenever something powerful affects you, it translates into words and phrases. You write about it. And with some sort of masochistic compulsion, you share it with the world online. Writers do that. They expose themselves to rejection and criticism. Why don’t we just keep journals and write our silly rants and novels for our own release and entertainment? Why expose ourselves to public abuse?

    I think you know the answer to that as well as I do.

  2. I never had felt the desire to share with anyone earlier. It’s only now. I share stuff with my people, but because they know me, the response I get from them has to be biased. And it comes with a lot of unsolicited advice, which I don’t appreciate much. Also, I don’t care to share my deepest feelings with anyone.
    All along, I would debate with myself about such things. But now that it’s getting a bit boring, here I am 😉

    This is beautiful and interesting!

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