What a day – 4 Days Out

What a day!

I have been wanting to watch a particular set of movies, for a long long time. Since today morning, to be precise. Vested interests, you know.

I saw the ninth episode of season two, Breaking Bad. So far, my favourite of all that I have seen.

To begin, on a light note – I love Jesse Pinkman; so unassuming, so crystal clear, so naive, so innocent. Then I love Walter; so raw, so chewy, so persistent, so scared all the time. And then, I love their chemistry. No, I don’t mean their lab, or their work (which I do love). I mean, THEIR chemistry. In all these episodes, they have not talked to each other straight, once. But Walter has probably not talked so much to anyone as he has to to Jesse, in all this time. Also, it almost feels like Walter is a teacher first, and then a chemist.

After being stranded on a desert for more than three days, and when they are almost on the verge of losing their bearings, Jesse sparks Walter up with an idea of building something like a robot, or may be something humble, like a battery. Genius Walter chooses to build a battery, and all the while, as he is building it, he teaches Jesse how he is going all about it. He has already called Jesse a clown, the dumbest person ever, etc. so many times. Walter still explains every step to Jesse, spells out all the chemicals’ names to him. Despite being stranded on a desert, dehydrated, coughing blood, wanting to fucking get out of there, he teaches him. The best scene!

Next, about Walter’s remission. Less said, the better. It’s times like these that either make us, or break us. His family rejoices the news, with tears and hugs. Then everything in their past, all the hardships, all the bitterness and tensions, start seeming trivial. We have to hang in there, keep loving, don’t we? But there has to be a “we”. Everything is fair in love and war. But when wars need an “I” to win, love needs a “we”.

PS: Sneaking in a bit of vanity, I knew Walter’s report would be super positive. So out there!


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