Dr. Siri and Blah – the last part ever

Dr. Siri is waiting..disturbed..May be she needs some psychiatric help herself after all.. She thinks..Plans out what she thinks is an ingenious plan.

Blah: Hey Dr. Siri! I am back!

Dr. Siri: That was quick! So considerate of you!

Blah: I know. Thanks.

Dr. Siri: What were you up with?

Blah: I just found out that what they give you on board when on a flight is in most probability, fucking Deor Fizzante..

Dr. Siri: ermmm…

Blah: Yeah..It’s sour, fizzy, and what really gives you the high is the altitude

Dr. Siri: Oh!?

Blah: So yeah…

Dr. Siri: What more?

Blah: I will continue. Nothing surprises me.

Dr. Siri: Meaning?

Blah: I am happy with just one thing about myself. I can guess anything, almost anything. All right.

Dr. Siri: For example?

Blah: Many examples: I can guess what is going to happen next. I can unveil. I knew Christian Bale had a look-alike before they revealed it, in The Prestige, I could guess the Shutter Island story, I could guess the criminals in The Mentalist, I could guess Adam’s name in The End of Mr.Y, before he told what his name was, I could guess that Estha and Rahel were incest siblings, in my favourite story, The God of Small Things, before Rahel revealed it to us all, beautifully. It’s so out there!

Dr. Siri: aaaaha?

Blah: I thought I had lost that gift. But I just found out I have not. I just found out that I could guess that it was Jesse’s brother who had hidden the joint, before they revealed it. He was smoking up. I guessed it right, I also found out that Elliot had stolen the tiara for Skyler’s daughter. I still have that gift. Nothing surprises me.

Dr. Siri: What do you mean?

Blah: I know what is going on in your robot head. I have another gift, but enough of this. Come here. Let me kill you.

PS: Surprise me, if you can!


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