Big Apple – 1

So it’s my first day in Big Apple. Christmas Eve, beautiful lights, beautiful streets, some sort of weird nostalgia which comes up without having had any history to do with the experience.

I plan to write every single day, for ten days, during my stay here. Let’s see if I can accomplish that. It seems now that this blog is turning into my e-diary, which I do not resort to anymore. Anyway, I have been wanting to write about my travelling for quite some time. Nice incentive this happens to be.

My first day starts with a feather-light bus journey with my favourite songs in loop, the sun shining on my face, remembrance of Bombay as New York arrived, meeting my school friend after more than a year, having good Indian Chinese food, Indian food, driving through beautifully-lit expensive streets, staring through all these, remembering remembrances, breathing, having beer as also typing onto my blog.

My friend would be working after tomorrow. I can roam around the city by myself. Nothing excites me more than that prospect! I have made up my mind to visit the Dakota tomorrow 🙂 IMAGINE the excitement!

More to come!

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