Of Aliens And Meteor Showers

While I was driving back late in the night from New York with friends, we started talking about the world beyond, and such things soupy and blurry.

Does man really need to figure out if something in space is trying to contact us, or if it even exists? Not a question to be answered really. But yeah, man is so great, because he is so curious. He will try finding an answer to something just for the heck of it, and not necessarily to solve a problem. That is what makes him so awesome. But is he forgetting his humility somewhere? Is he forgetting, that he is so, as much because of his own will, as much as for something that is inexplicable?

We are trying to find out planets that are similar to Earth, that can be said to support life. We try looking for traces of water, oxygen, and even early organisms. We find them too. But in the grand scheme of things, we forget that we have compartmentalized everything – species, genders, planets, stars, etc. It is only to make scientific explanations and recongnition easy for us. Nature does not have such distinctions. May be there is life out there that is not made of carbon molecules, and not requiring oxygen at all. May be they are all living peacefully and have no clue what weapons mean. Why would they ever want to attack us then (like we show in most sci-fi movies)? May be their perspective of everything is totally different. But all our assumptions are based off of our understanding of life and the living. What if everything else exists, but what makes a living thing alive, and a dead thing dead, does not. Let’s call it soul for our understanding (compartmentalizing here). If you put together all the essentials, will it breed life without soul? Can science explain that?

When I mentioned that man is not humble on a larger scale, my friend made a very good point, that religion says that he is humble. Because man is bowing, praying to something, having faith in something that isn’t human. But then again, we go and compartmentalize that too. More than anything else. Do I have to even begin talking about male and female Gods, different religions, and calling my God superior than yours? About the wars and killings because of religion?

Anyway, I am glad to be watching Doctor Who. It’s one sci-fi show that actually shows man’s genius and the need to be humble at the same time. It’s like an answer to the questions I never bothered asking. Its plots are perfectly wrapped around the true need of the hour.

On this note, I had gone today early morning at 4:00 am to watch Perseid meteor showers, a little away from the city. There were clouds, and light pollution was still quite prevalent. Going to try my luck again tomorrow morning, a little earlier, and may be in New Hampshire. If I ever have kids, I will make them go to the roof every night to watch the stars, before they brush their teeth and go to sleep. That’s how they will learn to be humble.