When words fail you

Because you want to defy them..

When you realize, that the last straw you had clung on to

Was the one long given up on, rootless..

When you just remember the smiles smiled, the tears shed

But do not miss the place you once called your home..

When a friend who once hugged you tight and smiled

Is now crying there alone, sitting on a heap of misunderstandings..

When people say goodbye, with shattered intentions

When you leave, without a word..

When there are tears in your eyes

But you are not crying..

When the stories of the past seem like an illusion

And the only thing real to you now are the stories you weave..

When your hands are cold without the cocoon

But your heart still warm at places, with feathers and some familiar smell..

When strums and hums keep you company

Because they do not deny you any feeling, any raw emotion..

When you are taught that everything that comes, goes away

But you still believe otherwise, not once giving in..

When the distant breeze from the hills wakes you up and leaves

And you stand there, neither sad, nor happy, unfazed..


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