Silly Billy Not So Much

I should not take days off from work. Really, I should not. But then, I should.

Today I also managed to figure out a plan for my near future. I am not much of a planner. But I am a helluva backup planner.

If I get my work visa in the USA, I travel around here and South America and Europe with all the dollars I earn. After two years, I quit my job, or go on a sabbatical for about three months. Backpacking to all of South America. Alone. After that, start with a new job, and if I have found a way to join my favourite subjects together, research in that. In the meanwhile, paint and refresh French and learn Spanish.

If my work visa does not work out, I go back to India with a grander plan. Find a job in Goa if I don’t have money or just to Leh and Ladakh and then north east of India, on a vacation for at least two months. If circumstances permit, live in the north of India among the best people for a year. I’ll know what to do after that.

Right now, I am sustaining my chocolate-covered almond cravings and watching a lot of Doctor Who. Rory died in the episode I just watched. But the ring he had given to Amy was in Tardis, and Doctor found a piece of Tardis from the crack. Which means, the crack has absorbed the Tardis at some point but it’s still there, and also, the hungry time continuum could not wipe off every thing of Rory’s history. The ring was saved (I am guessing) because it was in the Tardis. Which means Rory can come back. If I am right, either of my above plans has to work. Makes no sense? Of course it doesn’t.


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