Happy Birthday, To Me

Birthdays don’t matter to me. Yesterday I turned 29, and two days before that I had forgotten about my birthday totally. But since it’s my last stint with the 20s, I thought to put some things together for my own sake.

  • Paint and sketch more. I might join a class in the winters. I was thinking of joining a dance class, because to me it’s not about mastering a skill but about enjoying every aspect of life. But I have recently realized what immense joy drawing and painting can give me.
  • Travel like crazy. Even if I owe people money, I am going to places, and I am going places.
  • Write whenever I want to, whatever I want to. Especially hand-write.
  • Give my heart to only someone who can go crazy and do anything for me. Till now I have been that person, and I want to see someone who can do that for me. I know now, that if someone can’t go crazy for you, they are not in love with you. It’s that simple. If I don’t find someone like that, all is still good.
  • I am never going to hurt myself again. Ever.

The diva time has begun. I guess this is what they mean by ageing gracefully.


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