Long Weekend In Rhode Island

For the long weekend of fourth of July, I went to Rhode Island because one of my friends got an internship there and he invited me over. Perfect for someone who can’t afford a vacation so much.

After a good night’s sleep I went to RI late on Friday afternoon. My friend lives in Providence. Let me begin by telling you that this is a place of artists, for artists. We had our lunch at AS220 FOO(D). It’s an excellent place with very tasty, healthy, and cheap food. I had rice, kale, roasted tofu, with almonds. It was very delicious, and I have been trying to figure out how to make it. The address of the place is: 115 Empire St, Providence, RI 02903. Give it a try if you like healthy, tasty food that you deserve (meaning, not expensive).

The next day we went around to see the artwork in the city. I could not visit a lot of places because they were closed (of course). In the evening we saw stunning fireworks. After that we went to The Duck and Bunny for dinner. It is a restaurant inside a nice old house, and they got some good sense of humour going on there. Their cupcakes are famous but I didn’t have them. It’s got a great ambience, and it’s a very fine-dining kind of experience, though it’s very easy on your pocket. I fell in love with Rhode Island all over again after my last year’s trip to this state.


Adventure Time By Natalia Rak


Candid Art


Quite Flawless


More Graffiti Is Good

She Never Came By Etam Cru

She Never Came By Etam Cru

Inside the Duck and Bunny:

Duck_And_Bunny_1                        Duck_And_Bunny_2

The next day, we left for Point Judith, one hour and $2 bus ride from Providence. A ferry for Block Island is about 30 minutes long and a same day round trip ticket would cost you $25. That’s where we went – Block Island. It’s better you buy the tickets online. Our ferry left the port at 9:00 am. Once at Block Island, we started haggling for mopeds, and ended up with two bikes for $35 each to use until 7:00 pm. For moped you can have a license from any country as long as it says in English that it’s a driver’s license. You can also rent cars. But the best part is, you can ferry in your own car or bike or moped for not too much and you will end up saving a lot more.

Anyway, after we got our bikes, we went to Poor People’s Pub, which has expensive food (compared to other places on the island, it’s cheap!). We could not pay with a card, which you can’t for most of the places on this island. Also, there are only local ATMs here which charge you a lot for every transaction. From there we set off for Abram’s animal farm. This place has all the exotic animals in a very sad state. Parents love to bring their kids here who play with the poor animals. Everyone fails to notice the listless kangaroo who does not give a fuck about anyone calling him ”hey buddy”, the steer fenced in the corner, the grumpy black swans, the scabby little mule, the fucked up yet cute lamas, and so on. The zebroid did not have an eye. I hated to be in this place. All the exotic animals were put together and expected to entertain the tourists. This place is a lot more fishy than cute. If I have kids, I would bring them to this place to show them how not to treat animals. There are weird people who just want to stand out by doing something like collecting exotic animals.

These animals are definitely stressed outside of their natural habitat, and in tight captivities. They are bored as hell:

Zebroid and Mule

Zebroid and Mule





Turtle and Emu

Tortoise and Emu

We then left for the Southeast lighthouse, which is nothing great, but the area is quite serene if there aren’t many people around. I rested here for a bit. After, we left for Mohegan Bluffs. After parking our bikes, we had to trek down to reach the amazing beach which is Atlantic Ocean. There are about a hundred steps but they don’t go all the way down. It was through bushes of roses and clemantis (I think). I had forgotten to get my swimwear and the water was anyway cold. I did my job of picking up the best stones. It was difficult because this beach has a lot of beautiful stones, but they are big, and you have to climb the hillock to go back up. I slept on the beach for about an hour and then we left for the port. We took a different route. On the way we saw the New England airport which has only private jets and choppers. The way back was beautiful with ponds where you could swim, water lilies, humming birds. I came across a yard sale and got a lot of candles, a candle holder, a photo frame, a wicker basket, coasters – all for $10. All of these things have an element of the sea like shells, star fish.

Atlantic Ocean at Mohegan Bluffs

Atlantic Ocean at Mohegan Bluffs

Cool Stone Arrangements

Cool Stone Arrangements

We had another meal at PPP and then left for the ferry.

While we covered about 13 miles on bike, we also walked and hiked a lot. Though this island is small, we covered only about one fourth of it, because the roads have very steep slopes and it can slow you down a lot. Not to mention, that they can be quite tough on you. It seems much more than 13 miles. If you are not really fit with stamina issues, you should seriously not think about renting bikes here. If you are a regular biker with a good bike, you can cover a lot more than what we did. This place is quite expensive with respect to food. You might want to pack your own food if you are here only for a day.

Another point I want to make is about wind turbines that are going to be constructed in the waters of Block Island. It is going to affect the marine animals and their habitat to a great extent. I don’t know if there is really shortage of electricity on this island. I think it is to aid building more commercial places, like hotels, in this area. I did not come across any sprawling hotels in the area that I covered. It seems like every place I go to has something to show about decaying human nature that is selfish beyond limit.

I am going back to this place again I think, before summer ends. It’s quite beautiful, and I hope and pray to nothing in particular, that it stays so for a long long time.


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