Forting Around in Old San Juan

The second day I woke up and started mucking around the house. I was hungry. I fixed myself a lame vegetarian sandwich and then started talking to the guy on the couch (the guy who was renting the couch). He told me that he was going to old San Juan. I asked if I could go with him and he had no problem. Fey licked all my face until I was disgusted and had to push her away to get out for enjoying the day.

Couch guy and I left home around noon. We walked to the bus stop in Rio Piedras, and waited for M1 that goes to Sagardo, for about 45 minutes. My head was spinning. I was hungry. The bus fare is just $0.75. Can you beat that? At Sagardo, we waited another 20 minutes or so for M3 that took us to Old San Juan. That was another $0.75.

Old San Juan is very very pretty, with a highly Spanish influence on its architecture. The roads are cobbled, the lanes are narrow. The apartments have pretty doors. There are people smoking cigars. I fell in love with Old San Juan. I did not click many pictures because I had to make a mental note to force myself to stay there the last two days in Puerto Rico. We had to walk uphill a lot to find couch guy’s hostel. On the way we had Puerto Rican icecream, Helados Caribe, from a street-side vendor. It was all the worth its $2. Passion fruit and coconut flavors. Umm…

After we found couch guy’s hostel, we went to Old San Juan food court and had a shot of chichaito, anise flavored rum. That was $2 each. My head had kind of stopped spinning because it thought it got some food. We went to Castillo San Cristóbal, the small fort. I think I will probably go there again later if I have time. Entry was $5. Keep the ticket if you plan to go to Castillo San Felipe del Morro, the bigger fort, which you should go to. There is a tram every fifteen minutes or so that takes you around old San Juan. If you are tired walking, wait for it outside the small fort. It will pick you up and drop you right outside the big fort.

Castillo San Felipe del Morro is in the same site as San Juan National Historic Site. It is breathtakingly beautiful. It was a Sunday, and families with their kids and dogs were ambling about. Many people were flying kites. Beautiful kites – shark kite, minion kite, green kite, blue kite. The fort itself is huge. It has six levels and like forts always do, this one made me marvel at its architecture.

Some views from the two forts:

20150531_160408 20150531_160634 20150531_160640 big fort view buggy small fort three flags Tram View triangular stairs

We got out after exploring every corner of the fort, and then stopped by the fountain where only kids were having fun, not giving a fuck about anything in the world. A little ahead, a street band was playing local music. People were having beers, dancing. We then walked down the street and had amazing food (I had breaded eggplant and tofu sandwich with fries and nachos) in a restaurant right next to old San Juan food court. Their salsa is just amazing. We had beers too. It cost me around $15. We kept walking some more after that.

street art

Work by a street artist

mural 2



Mural work

mural 1

More mural work

people chilling before next music

People chilling before the next music plays

random stuff

Random stuff that I thought was funny

I had to get home before it was dark, but it was already dark. A street painter did some good job with spray paints. I got a bus from old San Juan directly to Rio Piedras – T9. I waited for it for about 30 minutes I guess. Seriously, buses in Puerto Rico teache you to be patient. From Rio Piedras I almost ran on my way back to the house, a stretch of 2.5 km. I did not have a pepper spray with me. Without much plan for the next day, I just took a shower and went to sleep with my music on.


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