Day One – Puerto Rico

I am still not in Puerto Rico. Not even in the plane (of course). I am on my bed, in fact.

This is my solo trip to a beautiful Caribbean island. I am excited, yet composed. I was initially planning to leave my laptop behind, but I don’t want to repent it. I am happy to be getting away, for more than a week. It’s like not waiting for anything, yet knowing that anything can happen. It can change my life totally. It can probably bring me back to square one. Anything can happen. Also, there’s El Yunque, Vieques, Old San Juan, Flamenco and Pata Prieta, Nuyoracan Cafe, Fortaleza Street…

My host’s name is Génesis. I love names with meaning. Génesis means origin of something. I read her profile, and she is studying to be a tourist guide for Puerto Rico. Also, I am getting a private room for just $19/day. What more can I ask for! I called her up today morning at around 11:30 am and she was sleeping. It made me happy that she sleeps till late. Later she messaged me about travelling in Puerto Rico. I told her I wanted to do everything for cheap and use public transportation. I now have the map and guidelines to reach her place from the airport via public bus. I am excited. I also got a small gift for her, a token from Boston. I have been travelling around Boston a lot in the past three weeks. Believe it or not, I have been to the aquarium thrice in less than two years. I know the animals in there, their names, habits, etc. Anyway, I had picked a painting by a street artist about a week ago, which I will be gifting Génesis with.

My plan for today noon, when I reach, will be to settle down for a bit, walk around and get acquainted with the neighborhood. I will soak in the air, and may be have a beer or two, and make plans for the rest of the days. If all goes well, may be I can write about how to enjoy Puerto Rico without giving a damn about money (meaning, cheaply).

When back, I will be painting an eye on my own. I wanted to paint it today, but I had a feeling that I would fuck it up. This song, Porcelain, has touched my heart and soul like anything. I can’t describe the feelings that it evoked in me. I want to paint this beautiful eye:


Buenas noches, amigos!


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