Memorial Day Weekend In The White Mountains

It was eight of us – three from Boston, one from NY, one from Seattle, one from Connecticut, one from Houston, one from Nashua. We left Boston in our handsome Ferrari convertibles a little late in the morning. After a quick lunch break, we reached the pretty state of Vermont some time in the evening. Boston was quite hot when we had left, but Vermont had only started showing signs of warming up. At least there was no snow. We could still spot some on the mountains later.

Our Cars

Our Cars

We hit the downtown at night. Dinner was at an awesome Turkish restaurant, Istanbul Kebab House. Their Zucchini pancake is to die for. Then we hit a bar that played the saddest music ever (Red Square), drank and danced a lot, and headed back to our hotel rooms.

After breakfast right next to the beautiful Lake Champlain, we took a more scenic route to reach the White Mountains. We stopped by a park (I do not remember the name), played Frisbee, rested amply, and then left for the Mountains. Somewhere in between we had also stopped by Walmart to pick up some camping amenities. We did not want to miss the sunlight while setting up our tents.

Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain

along the journey

Along the way

When we reached our camping ground (Dry River Campground), we had to wait for a long time to get out of our cars and set up the tents. They rent out the space for three days at least, and we needed it only for a night. When we did not turn up the first night, they gave it away to someone else. We had to take up a single large spot instead of two separate spots, next to the road. But we could see the sky and be together. Also, we got our money back for one spot. When we started setting up the tents it was already dark. To be frank only three people did the actual work. Then we cooked, which to be frank only one person did. We then went to sleep.





The night was extremely windy. The top of one tent flew off. Next day we cooked a lot of breakfast (which only one person did), and played a lot of games, packed up our tents and sleeping bags (the most tedious task ever)  then left for our three-hour hike alongside the very pristine and beautiful Arethusa Falls. It was a perfect day for trekking. A lot of people who were not fit cursed.

small falls 2

Atherusa Falls

big falls DSC_0757 small falls 1

Then we left for Boston.

Some things that I either learned newly or reiterated for myself on the trip:

Either go out camping with energetic people who want to help and work without a leader, or be an effective leader in making the lazy people move their asses. If you are the leader, NEVER be a pushover. People usually do not want to do any work, but give a lot of inputs with their mouths.

Treks are no fun if you do not observe the rocks, water, mulch, leaves and their serrates, flowers, smells, insects, etc.

Use good nails for the tents. Especially the tent you are going to stay in.

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you.

Your body is what your mind is.

It was me who set up one tent entirely and the other one with the help of some friends. I also cooked dinner and breakfast for eight people. It was every bit enjoyable.

Don’t say sorry or be sorry for things you are not sorry for, or accountable for

Talk less, listen more. Sometimes it is good to not listen too.

Taking care of my body helped me a lot on the trip. I am all set and confident about my next trip which happens in a day!

You get to learn about some good music on trips. Here’s some for you to enjoy as I get myself ready for Puerto Rico – Good music will always be good company.

PS: Though I do not have a driving licence yet, I drove the convertible a bit 😉

me driving

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