A Caribbean Break

I got up and the first thing I did was check my email box. I wanted to know the legal formalities to travel outside the USA. There was no email. I called up the office for International students and asked them my questions. I am all set to travel to the Caribbean!

I had been torn between Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. I started my research because I did not want to listen to the people who have not been to both the places (or worse, just one or none). Here is my research so far!

to go    to do

I got to book tickets tonight. No further delays.

I have not taken a pure vacation by myself. I have visited a different country by myself before and gone around by myself, but it was a business trip. Even when coming to the USA I wanted to make sure that I flew alone. I avoided flying with fellow students I knew from back home. My roommate asked me if she could join me for this trip and I said no. She was a little sad, but I want to do this by myself. I am mighty excited!

I will miss my camera a lot. I could have bought one with all the money, but I would rather travel. My broken stupid phone with cracks on the screen would do for now. This weekend I am going to three different states, and I will be camping in the White Mountains. I will write about my experiences when back. Now I will get back to my research and then probably go out to buy some cute bikinis! Or may be check out my town on a bicycle.

Enjoy feeling hot hot hot!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkGgdIBX1to


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