Officially, Vacation Time

It’s vacation time in the truest sense after ages. I don’t remember when it happened last. I worked for about 4.5 years with some measly breaks here and there. After ten days of leaving that job I flew to the USA for further studies. All done and dusted, I have a break with nothing to worry about. I also found something – I am the saddest not when I am hungry with no food to eat, or bleak with darkness around, or loaded with work with no time, or hungover with a shitty face, or even dying to feel loved by someone.  I found out that I am the saddest when there is no money in my bank account. Right now I have good money, and been waiting for some more money from my ex-employers. Every penny is hard-earned and I feel relaxed, even happy.

Here is the to-do list that will go on to become permanent things:

1. Get a driver’s licence

2. Learn harmonica

3. Paint more

4. Start running and work out regularly

5. Train my voice to sing better than what I do now

6. Read at least a book

7. Travel. I am going camping this weekend and planning a solo trip for the week after. Also, I want to sit in a plane. It’s been two years now.

8. Find a new house

9. Remember every person who matters, and let them know how important they are. That is last but not the least.

Happy summer!

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