Last days are overwhelming. Goodbyes, and moving on, and all of that. A lot of things are coming to an end in this phase of my life. A lot of things, that chiseled me and made me more of what I am.

I was never attached to my undergrad college. I wanted to get done with it and get the hell out of there. I hated everything about it. In fact, I did not even know when the convocation happened. It is different for my grad college. I loved almost everything about it. I did not spend a great deal of time on campus or anything, but I have some sweet memories. Also, it’s the first place I can associate myself with, after coming to a new country. I also worked here. Still do. A lot of other things happened in and around the college, which are more personal than work or studies. It’s a final goodbye to everything.

Today is my last day as an intern, at my workplace. I worked here for only about five months, but it was a great experience. I am definitely going to miss it – sitting by the window, listening to music, coming up with ideas, and forgetting about everything but work. I am sitting by the window right now, as I type this. My employer wants me to work for more days, but in a different country there are legal things you got to follow. There’s going to be a farewell in the evening, that my mentor arranged for. It’s going to be awkward as hell for me.

I have started looking for a new house. I will be saying my goodbyes to my roommates. It was a great experience, living, loving, fighting, etc. I don’t know what’s in store in the new house, with new people. My besties are going to come here, and stay with me in this house for a few days. Gathering up memories, before I leave it.

I have a job that will commence in about a month. I don’t have to say goodbye to this city yet.

I can go on and on, but there’s work, of course.

All good things have to end some day. With a hope for something better. Enjoy one of my favourites 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FEvBiayarlc


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