Aankh, Kanna, Dola, Oeil, Netra

I guess, I just guess, that I am done with practicing drawing eyes. Not  because I am perfect with them now, but because I have to learn other things; I am far from perfect. I painted an eye today.


Every time I figured something was going wrong, I learned something. This is what:

1. A good paper is very important. Especially when you know what it is like painting on canvas. Nothing beats canvas. I wish I had started this painting on canvas.

2. I had not thrown away some of my old colours. But the thing is, you got to be careful with the consistency of old colours. Or any colours, for that matter.

3. Keep changing water. Never ever be lazy.

4. I did not use masking liquid, which the artist had. I guess it should not matter much.

5. Let the colours dry before moving to the new layer. Be patient. Go make some tea or something for yourself.

6. It’s not just okay, but the best thing, if you do not consciously follow the artist. Especially after you have learned stuff and you know it’s not going to turn out as well. but you know you are doing it because you want to.

7. Cheap Thai food can give you a terrible migraine, and it’s no fun to paint when you have a terrible migraine.

8. Rework on your painting after you are drunk. Just do it for the heck of it.


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