Half-baked Eye

I had a plan for yesterday – go to school, get done with the last meeting for work, pick a quiet room, and sketch. I wanted to learn sketching skin with wrinkles and all that. But I got some work for the rest of the day in the meeting. I still had an hour with me though, and I started sketching in a room. When things don’t go as planned, they just don’t go as planned. Here is a really half-baked effort


A pesky guy I know was in the same room, but I noticed him only later. He has been trying to act sweet and make amends for being a little irresponsible in the past. I talked to him for a bit and turns out he loves drawing too. So he asked me to show my drawing, if I had any. Now I got all excited like an idiot, because he said some things about drawing that were smart. Too smart for someone like him. But I anyway showed some of my sketches. When I showed the tear drop one he started acting all smart. He said with an almost puppy voice – why are you crying. It fucked up my head and I wanted to call him an IDIOT. I was like – I can’t sketch my own eye while also crying. I am learning stuff. And then he continued with his seemingly philosophical shit. It pissed me off. I just looked at him and said – actually I can’t sketch when there are people around me. By then my sketch was about one-fifth done, and I was dreading every bit of it. I continued though, for the rest of the stupid hour, and then left for work.

I finished the sketch today while at work, but it’s lousy, and not wrinkly. There are very good reasons as to why I don’t like people around me when drawing. They annoy the hell out of me. I knew it was going to turn out badly, and not because I was not confident about myself, but because I could sense my own urge to finish it off just because I had started it. Plus I have this stupid presentation to give that is doing rounds in my head and dreams too. I should have just read a book or something.

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