Tear Drop

I realized that I should concentrate on just sketching for now. Totally resist painting. I kept my sketch materials in bag and decided that I would come straight to school after work and sketch. No wasting time, no thinking of painting. In the morning, I took out my sketch material; I don’t like sketching/painting in front of people. I then put it back in my bag. I want some good memories from the final days in school.

After coming to school, I took out the pad, and went to sleep, for three hours straight. Then I finally sketched without giving a flying fuck to anything around me. I wanted to progress a bit, and the artist has used water colours. I have by now learned layering, and without complaining, I sketched. A tidbit – one of my favourite instructors on YouTube went the same way about sketching as I had decided: start off with eyes, eyes, eyes, moving on to nose, mouth, etc. before beginning to draw complete human figures 😀


Baby, please stop crying
You know, I know the sun will always shine


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