Some more painting lessons

And I painted once again, this time on canvas.


I started off very well and it was absolutely amazing painting on canvas. But very soon I got carried away. I have to take it slow with layering in painting. Also, I got to buy painting papers. I am not happy at all with the paintings, but I am glad I painted twice today. I got to learn a lot. The day was not particularly good with me, not in terms of painting. Painting is what actually kept me going.

I am very tempted to buy colours for dry painting, but I have to resist myself. I will have to master first what I am trying to learn, with the resources I have.

When I sprayed the white with a brush, I had not allowed the painting to dry completely. Ergo, large dots. Also, I could see that it was getting sprayed on my softest throw too. But I did not stop. When I went to wash the brushes and looked at myself in the mirror, there were several white dots on my face.

I guess I will sketch on Wednesday, and then again on weekends.

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