Painting Lessons

Today I followed painting instructions, and this is the murk that turned out on a sorry piece of paper:


There are many reasons I am posting it. To begin with, one does not always have to post their best work. Also, I emailed one of my teachers, whose class was a stepping stone for me, in terms of painting. He is an excellent teacher, and I started to paint again in his class. I had to thank him. I know quite a bit about pedagogy, and I can attribute it only to him. Not many students realize the value of a good teacher, and not many students know what a truly good teacher is like. I may talk about it in detail some other day.

Here are the rest of my reasons, that I learned from painting today:

1. Layering in painting is a different ball game. I knew that my paper was not thick enough for the kind of layering that was needed, but I went ahead to test the waters. The botched result can especially be seen on top left. Also, the paper is curled up at all the edges.

2. Though painting can be more fun for some people that sketching, because of the fun you can have with colors and because of the magic that you can create, it is difficult and you need to keep in mind a lot of factors

3. Never be lazy with the water. When you are trying to create wash effects, DO NOT be lazy with the water. Change it every time for a new wash.

4. Do not sit on bed to paint. I had to immediately move to the floor, within 5 minutes, and forget about how cold it was. I could have avoided it had I prepared myself with a sheet instead of being lazy.

5. Have enough clean cloths and tissues so that you don’t spoil the painting with used ones

6. If you are planning to divert from the instructions, know what you are doing

7. Good brushes and colours of all shades and sizes are important

8. Have a good pad/easel. I was not even sitting when painting. Heck I don’t know why I don’t have an easel yet!

9. Keep expectations low with respect to how many paintings you are going to churn out. Concentrate on getting the job perfect, rather. I thought I would paint at least three paintings today. Above is my rushed effort.

10. Patience and practice. Patience and practice. Patience and practice.

11. A good paper, again

12. Repeat what you have learned. Verbally if it’s a sport. Or write it down. You become your own teacher.

I may paint another painting today. But I am a little exhausted. I don’t think I should be so soft on myself though. Let’s see.

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