बहात्तर मैल एक प्रवास

72 mail ek pravaas is a Marathi movie, which translates to “A Journey of 72 miles”.

I used to watch a lot of Marathi movies with my mom, and asked her to suggest me one. She suggested this one. It is based on a true story, and is a very touching movie of a poor young boy, who escapes his boarding school. The story painted of the poor people of India is very believable, and shot in the rural areas of Maharashtra. It’s a shame, that Bollywood represents Indian cinema. The local/regional film industries have stories and actors such fine that they can give even Hollywood a run for their money. I feel extremely sad when a stupid Indian movie like Slumdog Millionaire gets nominated for the Oscars. That’s really not what India is, and that is not how some of the finest Indian actors act.

Anyway, Marathi film industry is definitely one of the finest in India, but it is quite poor. I feel sad that there’s not enough done to spread the word. Even the internet has very less information about the movies, actors, and the songs. I am taking up to me to watch some movies, and review them here, as a part of my effort. I will also talk about them in social media.

Bahaattar mail ek pravaas is yet another beautiful story that talks about the delicate relationships, the hardships, and the wisdom of the uneducated, who have walked barefoot for miles, been cheated by their own people, seen their people die, and been accompanied by a stranger for a short while, who changed life forever. The hunger pangs, the cold, the aching feet are all felt by the watcher. It is a must watch. The language is very rural Marathi, and a little difficult to understand, even for a fluent Marathi speaker like me. Also, it is set in the 60s.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the movie, and I have tried to translate some of it for you:

Deva Sundar – God Beautiful

Ho deva sundar jaga mandi ka r manus ghadavilas
Hey God, in this beautiful world, why did you create man

ghadavilas ghadavilas ka r manus ghadavilas
create, create, why did you create man

ho Bheek magnya bhuk dili janm jalya dukh dile
You gave hunger so we could beg, birth was given to endure sorrows

ghadavilas ghadavilas ka r manus ghadavilas
create, create, why did you create man

panghray nay dil anthraya kay dil chalayala pay dil paayakhali kay dil
did not give anything to cover the body (esp. when sleeping), gave feet to walk, but gave nothing underneath (no shoes)
ghadvilas ghadvilas dukhamandi budvilas
create, create, drowned in sorrows


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