Eyes – 2

Not in the best state to sketch, but had to. First I did not have a sharpener, then I did not have a good eraser, then I remembered that I do not have all the kinds of leads that I would like to have. One of the pencils was so bad, the lead came right out of it, completely. I sketched mostly with it because it’s the darkest and the best. Got to buy a pencil kit.

After, my head was not in place. St. Patrick’s parade was not very saintly, and my friends told me that it was very memorable. I do not remember anything after a point. Anyway, I decided that shaky hands, stupid pencils and erasers, stupid big head won’t be the reasons to not sketch.

I googled for baby eyes. None looked innocent enough. The artists had put in a lot of effort, but the eyes just lacked something that’s difficult to point at. After much changing of keywords I finally came across a couple of nice sketches, and went ahead with one. Here’s my attempt:


You are too curious, baby. One day you will have learned enough.

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