Painting Day

I had an opportunity to earn some good money today, by going to work. Such opportunities are great for anyone, especially for someone so pathetically broke as I, if you ask me. But the weather is too good to do something stupid like going to work to earn. Besides, I am always broke. If not, I find ways to get broke. It’s not been so good in a long time. I met my best friend this weekend and we spent time like we used to – sit and stare at people who walk by. yawn. do nothing. feel not an iota of guilt. feel the most content.

I woke up early and all I could think of was painting. My new brushes had arrived a couple weeks ago, and god they look sexy! The brushes I bought before them turned out to be all flat. The brushes I got from home have hair like a lousy kid’s hair would be like if it was burned partially, and then not washed for a month after that. I don’t really know what happened to them.

I have been thinking of writer’s block as a boon these days – a breather. It’s a way of telling the system to take a break. To take it easy. That has worked wonders with ideas, though not with writing. I am not going to look at it as an opportunity to write better after a break. I am just going to relax.

About painting. Daylight is very important for painting, and there’s not been enough of that for a long time. Also, there’s everyday calling like a job to attend to. Which means, if I think of being patient and go through the painting over say, a week, I will need some time every morning, of no rushing. That’s not going to be possible. It’s okay to not be so patient, and to try to finish the painting the same day, under such circumstances. It’s much better than abandoning the painting, or being frustrated for weeks for not being able to get the time. Weekends are pretty unpredictable for something like painting.

I thought I would paint something off of the internet, to concentrate more on how I paint, than on executing an idea in my head. I will copy a couple times, and then find out my problem areas. After that I can read up about painting. The best thing is, there can be no rules of how to paint. I can read and throw away the rules that do not work for me, and learn something from something that’s useful. Anyway, I painted a woman’s face, and I really want to work on human figures. I did not want to concentrate on any other body parts, so I found a painting to copy.

Here’s what:

To be frank, whatever’s good is only because of the awesome brushes. I botched up the nose and lips could have been definitely better. I like what I did with the eyes though but I have definitely painted way better eyes than these before. I was pressed for time, subconsciously. I finished this within 1.5 hours, which is not good justice for a painting. I can try to fix the nose but I am not going to do that. I will practice with other paintings. Will move on to some bolder and more difficult ones when I think I am getting better.

It’s a long day ahead, and I am not complaining because it’s really beautiful, and I do need a lot of time for a lot of things. See you soon, when I have something more to share 😀

PS: There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do – Bill Watterson

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