MadMen – Season Three

Not even halfway there, but I can say that it’s turning out to be awesome. The urge to write about MadMen is because of three things, in that order:

1. Episode 5, The Fog. I can call it one of my favourites, or may be just the favourite. The hallucinations that Betty has, and the inner turmoil, everything is perfectly executed. I never knew that it could be possible to depict something so strong, so subtly. One would only think that somethings cannot be shown on TV. And then again one could imagine and make it happen. This episode is mind-blowing. The way Betty thinks of her dead father, and Don, when sick. The way they are there, but not really there. The way she struggles with what is eating her up slowly. The way Don meets the police officer, and the conversations take turn. Everything is just perfect. Too good! That’s all I can say about the episode.

2. Key characters like Pete, Peggy, and Joan are shaping up. They are humans, and have several sides to their personalities. It is awesome!

3. With them showing the British coming to their office, and their way of doing business. I don’t think anyone could have shown it in any better way. But that is not what triggered me to write about it. They are sending Lane to India, because they have business there. It could not be anything related to Sterling Cooper, but I was listening to the playlist of Madmen, and there’s a raga they play in one of the future episodes. It made me wonder if they really are going to show India some time. I am not sure how they will show the old-age India, if they do. Thinking about it excites me. Adding one and one gives a two most of the time, and sometimes an eleven. It can get really weird and give you an eight or something. But I am not betting on anything. It’s just some harmless anticipation.


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