Snowstorm Days

School started on 20th of January, which was a Tuesday, and that’s how my professor lost four consecutive Mondays. Three other Mondays gave Boston perfectly cyclic snowstorms. Professor emailed us today and said that everyone was exhausted with the snow. I could almost imagine tears falling on his keyboard, while he would have been typing that. Well, I am enjoying every bit of it. Not because I hate school, but because I get to do some other things 😀

I painted today. Here’s what:

Gecko in desert

Gecko on beach

It’s not easy to paint on shells, especially with stupid thick flat brushes. I can crib less and buy thin round brushes. When I was painting, I accidentally dipped the brush in my tea instead of water, but I took it out immediately. Milk skin saved me, but I still checked for any colour in the tea. I did not see anything and drank it. I would not have known anyway, because the colour on the brush was brown.

Let me explain the painting. It’s a gecko moving from desert to a beach. It loves both, you see. I have always wanted a gecko as a pet. But let’s not get there, because my brother and I have tried smuggling in a lot of animals and birds in the house. Our folks don’t like animals and it was always “their” house if we ever got talking about pets. There are a million stories about my mom-dad vs pets feud. Anyway, I wanted to draw a snow desert for the convex part, but it’s common sense that geckos cannot survive cold weather. It’s fun to live in a place like Boston, where you get to experience extreme seasons. Very soon it will be summer, and it will be time for the beach!

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