A Perfect Weekend

This weekend I had some good time, visiting the icy Charles river when it was dangerously windy, and then this absolute stunner called Nahant Island.

The area harbours the marine science center for Northeastern University. It was absolutely calm and no one bothered us for the beer cans we had with us, because there was no one to bother us. It was brrrringly cold. An old man with his 13-year old cute dog showed us the way to a better view of the beach. When I reached there I exactly knew what I had to do – climb the rocks in front of me. It’s hilly and beautiful. I climbed three levels. From level one I saw level two, and decided to reach there, but when I reached there I saw that there was something higher, in fact the highest hill there. I wanted to be on top of it. Climbing rocks is really tricky. What you see is not what it actually is. You have to make judgments carefully and check out all the possibilities. Also, you have to use your legs to prop you up and not hands, as much as possible. My hands were numb with no gloves and climbing those rough ice-capped rocks, but I had made up my mind. I am not a runner at all, but I can climb very well, like a monkey πŸ™‚ Here are some pictures.

Level 1:


Climbing on to level 2 and level 2:

Nahant2 Nahant3

Triumphant at level three πŸ™‚

Nahant4 Nahant5

It was not bad at all, considering my sucky lung power. When I climbed back down and reached a warmer place, I could see my hands were bloodied a bit. I had cut it at several places and not realized because of the cold. I guess that’s what they say about not underestimating the cold, especially while climbing some really serious mountains. It was all worth it, the moment on top of the hill, with the sun setting and the geese flying, etc.

PS: This is also the place where some shots of Shutter Island were taken

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