Stevie the TV

I watch a lot of TV and I am proud of that. It’s not just entertainment for me. Also, if I am not doing that, I am either outside house, or inside, cooking or cleaning or sleeping or painting or writing or getting pissed off. Me watching TV pisses off one of my roommates who thinks I waste my time a lot, but I think that’s what people who love to gossip think.

Finished the season two of MadMen and all set to move to season three. The characters have started growing on me now. My initial resistance to people like Pete, Roger, Joan, Don, is disappearing. Yes, even Pete and Roger. I love Joan. She is such a woman! Don pissed me off with his philandering, but I have really started to feel his predicament. I can understand what it must be like, to be alone, to not feel love, and to think of sex just as an activity that has to be performed. Besides his cheating, he is awesome. Strong, professional, empathetic, with a gooey heart and furrowed brows. Pete has cried many times before and he is stupid, and also an asshole. I don’t want to make myself feel sorry for him, and I am going to stop myself from that, but the last time he cried, it moved me a bit. It will be interesting to know how Peggy is going to grow. She does not want anyone telling her what to do, and she knows what morals should mean to her, but she still takes shit from the Father. May be she likes him, may be she is looking for something more than just a successful career, may be she really does fear this place called Hell (because she does believe in God). It would be interesting to find out. My favourite, Betty. It breaks me to see her. To watch her deal with what she thought was craziness. To watch her family crumble down. To face her fears and madness alone. To smoke and drink and get nervous. I want to know what is going to happen to her, while her husband keeps cheating on her, and still tells her that he is nothing without her. I want to know if having slept with a stranger has given her some perspective of things, or if she was just venting out. I want to know how Salvatore will come out. There are many other subtle things, like how women, blacks, poor people are treated. The way people wear clothes, the way they show up. The way men have bloated egos and the way women deal with their insecurities. Also, what will happen to Sterling Cooper?

I love MadMen. It makes me understand human nature, because it depicts it perfectly. It’s a complete chaos inside every mind. It makes certain beliefs that I have about human nature stronger. It gives me perspective. I am watching Friends too. But it’s a happy world, where a bunch of friends are doing what they love to do. They may not be successful, but they have friends, and they love each other. It’s very sweet and I want to watch Monica getting hitched to Chandler. It’s a pretty world, that even the actors in there probably yearn for. I love how friends deal with Monica’s cooking and cleaning, Chandler’s sarcasm and humour as self-defense mechanism and inability to cry, Phoebe’s prophetic weirdness (ahem), and much more. Joey is probably my favourite. And also the occasional Janice.

I guess I should return to my reading too. The Catcher in the Rye. It had got me hooked, but I started travelling and haven’t read anything since. Got some more plans in the pipeline to travel, may be to new continents, but I need to have money for that. Anyway, I guess I cannot do enough justice to a lot of things if I try doing all of them at the same time. TV is good for now.


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