Betty Draper


Just moved on to MadMen, season two. It’s addictive. I can’t really find the words to describe why it is good, like most of the very good things. It’s subtle. In all the condescending ways that it shows, in the relationships, meanings, madness, etc. and yet profoundly strong. Only someone who understands it is supposed to understand it, of course. High class, avarice, cheating, smoking are excessive, but that’s again its dramatics, without being dramatic.

Season two warrants the mention of the character Jimmy Barrett, and I am sad that they let Rachel go. I had almost decided her to be my favourite, but it’s Betty Draper. Hands down. I love her.

Being in-line with my feminism, I would like to post another picture of her, not just because it’s sexy, but because she truly is a good mother.


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