Feminist Plans

When I study and I don’t want to study, any kind of distraction works for me (or against me). Any kind. Audio, visual, mental. I was trying my best to concentrate on the text in front of me, but nothing seemed to help. I started imagining the wildest kind of things. Things I would be doing after exam 🙂

I am not a feminist. I consider myself an equalist. But I got this wild thought – what if I act in subtle ways to show that I am a feminist, and a mean snappy one? An experiment kind of thing. Of course there were a couple triggers for this, but more on those stories may be later. I want to snap at people (not my good friends and nice people, of course). Just people who make life difficult. I snap at people anyway, but I want to go an extra mile and be mean, and find out how things work. Point is, I want to start acting like an annoying feminist, and snappy, for my experiments (yeah, that). Until this vacation ends. And a couple other things. I want to learn to sketch well. Also, write a little about clothes and clothing, and may be food (aligns with the distant future plans). Not sure if there’s enough time for all of this, but I will try. I don’t like my sketching much, but here’s an attempt


I guess that’s a good start for the plans 😉


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