A Lousy Pending Thought Taken Care Of


Thoughts come, and if they are not treated, new thoughts do not come easily. They have to be either very lousy, or written down somewhere; for the thoughts to be taken care of. Well, they can be lousy, and you may still write them down and take good care of them. Sometimes, not-so-lousy thoughts are not written, with a hope that they will go away. After all, writing is just a by-product of thinking.

Why Robin and Kohinoor

Robin. Robin is a good name. Doesn’t matter if it belongs to a girl or a guy. It sounds crisp, practical, objective, and yet, crazy. Completely crazy. At least that’s how it was thought of. And then the stupidest sitcom came, with Robin in it. The sitcom was never finished watching, but Robin was nice. She fit the bill. Mostly because of her name. So much for names.

Kohinoor. Is it an Indian name? Yeah. Does it belong to a diamond, the biggest one? Yeah, and it also belongs to basmati rice. And condoms. Baby Kochamma thinks it belongs to her, the name. That connving ugly woman. Anyway, who cares? Kohinoor just popped from somewhere. So much for names.

Why not Question, Exclamation, Purr, Snoopy, etc.

The names initially thought of were – Question and Exclamation. There are questions everywhere. Stupid, interrogative, irritating, rhetoric. There are exclamatory answers to those questions. Not so much because they are surprising. But because they are surprisingly obvious. But Question and Exclamation do not form so much as silhouettes. Thoughts in form of dialogues warrant at least silhouettes.

It could also have been Purr, Snoopy, Furry, but characters that of beyond Robin and Kohinoor are not required. Feline, foxy, piscine, ursine, bovine are all funny, and take up too much characteristic importance than they should.

What to expect

There will be dialogues. Stupid ones, that come out of thin air, and disappear in thin air. Dialogues that no one cares about. Robin and Kohinoor will treat them right.

Introducing Robin and Kohinoor

Robin: Hi

Kohinoor: Hi


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