Lady’s Finger and Travelling

A lot of my friends are travelling at a very young age. But only few of them are really travelling. I mean, they are travelling with less money, and more purpose. Most of my friends are travelling to upload pictures of fancy swimming pools, wine glasses, etc. Come on, who can’t do that if they have money? Travelling really means – staying in cheap restaurant, walking, hiking, biking, using public transportation, talking to strangers, hiding passports, eating local food, and so on. I want to put every penny I have into travelling. But right now I don’t have even that kind of money. But sure I have plans for Christmas, and like hell I am going to new places. I am finding places where I have friends who can host me, for now.

For about a year now I have been going sometimes¬†alone around the town. That’s when I feel I am exploring the town, when I am alone. I go to restaurants alone, sometimes to even drink. I go alone for breakfast. I come across some funny incidents – like the waitress asking me twice if I am waiting for someone, a niece offering her pink sweatshirt to her uncle who is cold because he is new to the place, women bitching about their friend behind her back when she goes to the restroom, etc. I am lucky that I am in one of the safest towns in the US. I can never take this thing for granted.

Now that I can’t travel much, and I am eagerly waiting for my job to start so that I can travel more, I spend more time on cooking, painting, and sometimes yoga. I had learned this technique of using vegetables to paint, when I was in school. There was a free art workshop and I had gone for that. Today I cooked lady’s finger, and this is what I made from the waste:

2014-12-12 20.59

Some things to remember (which by the way were not taught in the workshop):

Lady’s finger are a really sticky business, if you don’t know already. Make sure you wipe off the sticky goo on some cloth before proceeding. Use the back part of the vegetable, so that you have something to hold on to.

Make sure there are no seeds in it.

Apply a single layer of paint using brush. Don’t keep it thick or don’t dip it in the colour. Press well on the paper. Make sure you press firmly, yet softly. That thing is fucking sticky and slips.

When using a new colour, wipe off the old colour with the cloth. It can be boring to start all over again with a new vegetable that’s fucking sticky.

I wanted to use opposite colours, and as much of them as possible, including black and white. I had a pretty shade of pink which did not have an opposite as such to go with it (brown would have probably been fine), but I thought it would fit in perfectly with black and white. I might do this whole thing again with just black, white, and baby pink. I had initially thought of using a different wash shade for different sets of opposites. But I opted for grey. Grey is a truly beautiful neutral colour. It saves you always. Especially with clothes, when you don’t know or have no time to think about a proper match. Those flowers are by the way for my baby who will be moving to the US soon. I have to get in shape for her, and clear my lungs off all the shit. We will be travelling a lot, without a doubt.


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