What do you get when you put together a bunch of people (it’s easy to put them together, because they live in the same bubble), people who talk a lot about the stuff they hear here and there, and do nothing, while away their time, people who say dangerous things, but cannot do an iota of harm, because they are too lazy? I am not doing enough justice yet, but yes, you get this movie – Slacker.

You see L.L.Bean, Subway, Dunkin Donut, Coke, Buds. Because if you haven’t got the clue yet – then it’s America for you. You see fanny packs, tees with holes, a guy looking at his wrist for time when he has no watch, a guy with butt-hugging jeans, a guy with nice calves, a Greek girl with a transparent dress and sleeves wet from sweat, stupid coffee shops selling stupid coffee, random dudes playing contra – that’s people who are just living. Living for the heck of it, neither enjoying being lazy in particular, not yearning to do something for better. But yeah, they hear and read a lot of stuff. They fool themselves, and others. That’s when they start talking about random stuff, because that is the only thing that keeps them going in their lives, outside of which probably nothing is true for them. They are not an apathetic bunch per se – they are just dead inside. But they talk about things like – Frank Zappa, Dostoyevsky, aliens and spaceships and landing on moon bullshit, Madonna pap smear (lol, that lady was easily my favourite character), a guy selling Nelson Mandela tees with random talks (I seriously got lost there), a guy churning out all the philosophy he has ever read to a girl who points a finger at him for being unoriginal and making up patches of all the shit he has read (Linklater is funny; he has done that himself in the entire movie; that guy has oodles of sarcasm), a fat dude yapping about Kennedys (have had enough of that), a man saying – I have less important things to do – when they ask him if he has voted, oblique strategies. Phew! I can go on and on. It’s like Linklater goes to shops, bars, coffee shops, sad clubs with posers, etc. just to watch these people. And there he passes his judgment through his movie, when someone screams – Wake up America!

PS: There are different obsessions in different countries. They are all humans we are talking about.

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