Shell Painting

I love the sea. I love collecting shells, and sea stones. I love painting on shells. I used to do that, I remember. Last summer, I had collected some shells. I was smiling a lot while collecting them. They are by my window now. I picked the biggest one of them, and painted it. My friend liked it a lot, and asked if she could keep it. I gave it to her. Here’s my shell painting:

Shell Painting

The palm trees are not seen properly, but when you tilt the shell you can see them. I wish my hands did not shake as much while painting. It’s not perfect. Also, I need to buy 0 and 00 size round brushes. After 7th grade, there has been no improvement in my painting. I think I used to paint better back then. I am not really impressed with how my paintings turn out these days. I mean, it’s not exactly as I imagine it. I should try new things in painting.


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