Sketches and Books and TV

where do the children play

I showed this sketch to my mom and she started reminiscing her childhood, and told me her stories, that I have heard so many times before, and never got bored of. I showed it to my father, and he asked me if I needed to be sent new colours. I told him that I have called for new colours and brushes. I am broke as hell, but what the hell.

I finished reading two books. The devotion of suspect X, and Heartburn. But reviews go to the other blog, which I have decided for now will only be about my writing.

I had delayed watching the last two episodes of Breaking Bad. I did not want it to end. I finished watching it yesterday. I could not stop crying. I cried and cried. For it has now ended, and my life seems purposeless now. For how it ended; there could have been no better way to end it. And how it ended with one of my favourite songs!

I yearn to see true love stories around me. But it’s not easy to find all this. One of my professors speaks about his wife of 27 years very fondly, and I listen to him with a smile. He calls her an angel, god-sent. I see my parents’ love for me. My brother’s new-found love – his cute girlfriend whom he wants to marry. My friend’s love for her 2-month old son. It warms up my heart. The books I read, the movies I watch, they may not be true, but the creator has felt it, has got the inspiration from somewhere. It’s all beautiful. Just because of love.

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