All your life you seek happiness, don’t you? Else you seek to know what is what. You seek to find that one thing that you believe in. You seek to fight your demons and fears. You fail, you get up, you crawl, you run, you stoop, you break, you walk backwards, you take shortcuts, you walk the path less travelled, you fly, you swim, you climb, you do what you choose to, what you want to.

The more you endure, the closer to truth you are. I may have reasons to cry, and say that I have endured, but if I have to cry I would rather cry for the others in the world, whose problems are much worse than mine. But I don’t care anymore. Not about my problems, not theirs. I don’t care about anything. Because there is nothing to care about.

One of those days when I hate human interaction of any kind. I hate people. I don’t even want to talk to anyone over phone or email. I do not want to watch a movie that has humans in it. I would watch cartoons may be, but even they are made by humans. I want to run away to a jungle and sleep under the sky, watching the stars, shivering in the cold wilderness. May be even die like that. That would be the most ideal death.

Because I do not care about cakes and lasagnas and job talks and tears and watsapp and what not.

PS: Oh yeah, I still care about music

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