I have heard a lot of people raving about Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. I have not heard what they had to say about the thoughts, I just had heard them say – the book is out of the world. I was always skeptical about it. The kind of skepticism I had for The Fountainhead, and how, though after I read the whole book, I went on to read Ayn Rand’s other books, I never really appreciated her thoughts much.

My skepticism for The God Delusion increased a little more, when my friend sent a photograph of few lines. It talks about the genetic advantage of falling in love. It goes on to say how over-the-top it is, how we are susceptible to fall into monogamous devotion, etc. These are very intelligent people talking about love falling fit into Darwinian theory (another “chosen because best” theory). I feel sorry for them because they have not felt true love, and they are smart enough to make those analogies.

Here are my non-emotional reasons to support my opinions:

If propagation is a necessary event in nature that drives your behaviour, which needs you to copulate with your partner, and thereby leads you to choose someone/anyone highly attractive:

1. Why should one deny that a baby is not theirs, when it is borne out of recklessness? Can you relate that to Darwinism? Or do you want to call Freud to talk about his ID, ego, and superego?

2. Gays should, by that theory, have surpassed human evolution, to not feel the need to copulate for propagation. Why should they need to cheat in gay relationships, then? Either that, or they are outliers of the nature. But I thought they were a part of the nature.

3. If hermaphrodites have existed for so long, what has it taken so long for all the organisms to turn into hermaphrodites? Should that not be the ultimate sign of evolution?

4. There are animals, other than humans, that cheat in relationships, that leave their partner after fucking them, that stay with their partners forever, that sometimes have 2-3 partners in one life, that have gay partners. May be there are different criteria of evolution for different fauna. Animals cannot feel love! Pff! Are you kidding me?

5. Everything that helps you evolve need not be selfish. It can be selfless too. That is evolution in the truest sense. The ability to take a logical decision, where you sacrifice something with full knowledge of consequences, for the good of someone you love. A life is borne every moment. With love, is borne a soul. Love is the beginning of evolution.

PS: Your taste in music can be more evolved than you


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  1. Fantastic. It’s my need that I reply to your post, and try and answer your questions. I will, but I will need some time before I do that (occupied with something else at the moment).
    Until later.

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