Fences and Borders

I look out of my window. I see a tall wooden post. Made out of a tree. I see street lights. I see wires. Wires galore. Cars, and buildings. Some sorry trees. Man has advanced a lot, hasn’t he? Way ahead of anything else that is living. Man has competed with man, cheated man, swindled man, brainwashed man, killed man, and sometimes, loved man. Man has done much more.

Man has identified man as his threat, the ghost that is out to take over. To protect himself from himself, he has created fences, borders. The creator never defined anything for anyone. But man did. Sometimes I wonder, what if I were not a human being? Would there be anything to lose, apart from having the understanding, that I wish I were not a human being?

Suddenly I remember a song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw3meld4pPQ

Here is how some of the lyrics go:

Birds, rivers, and the gusts of winds

No borders stop them

Borders are for humans

Think about it – what have you and I gained from being humans?


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