Her receptors had sensed something, two days ago. She had her feelers working too well, sometimes. She was ecstatic, something seemed promising. In the cafe, the lady taught her some tricks – look cute, smile like you are smiling right now, show that you don’t care, call him up on a date. She laughed and lied that she would try all of those. She thanked her. She also told her that he was weird. Then she blushed. The lady said – when I was 20, I used to blush too, it’s okay. She told her she was almost 30. The lady went – oh no no no no! He was having his lunch, some feet away. 

Day was bad, like most other days. Things were topsy-turvy. The next day, her friend was crying, shedding tears. She was selecting some camisoles online, not bothered. The evening brought her good news. She was ecstatic. She was prancing around, dancing, hugging. For her best friend. But that was not it. Her feelers kept feeling something more. Something more was around the corner. She could never dismiss this feeling; she had long ago learned to not underestimate it.

She got up this morning. She shook her head and went back to sleep. She got up later again. She smelled her own skin. She smelled not like herself. Old spice, wasn’t it? She knew she could not bathe until the scent had worn off. She kept smelling herself. She smiled a lot. She saw stains of blood, and smiled some more. She laughed at the silly bees who could not see the window pane, and kept banging their heads cutely against them. She went back to sleep. When she got up, she smelled her own breath. Her skin smelled like her own now. Damn! It was a dream. A long long long dream. She went for a shower. Then as usual, she played her music.


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