The Power of Social Media

After having criticized social media, I feel the responsibility to say good things about it. Not just like that, but because it is truly powerful, and has taken forward positive media, and taking actions quicker, by leaps.

Recently I bought a product, an audio CD worth $10. When it arrived at my doorstep, I saw a note with it that said – you will keep receiving higher versions of this package, that come in four steps, once every two months. You get to try them for free, and keep them with you without paying, for a month. If you decide to keep them, we charge you $250 for every one of those four packages. They have already set this up by creating an account for me, and are going to charge me. I don’t even want their $10 shit anymore. WTH! How can some business have the balls to do something like that? Fuck your marketing tactic, it sucks big time. I could have applied for a new card, but I wanted to give them back bullshit tenfold, and not their way, but my way. I called them up immediately, and asked them to NOT send me the further versions. The guy tried explaining the product to me, and its pros. I cut him short, and kept telling him that I did not have the time and money for their further versions. He was a dumbfuck, trained to forced shit down people’s throat, and I was patient to explain to him for 10-15 minutes that I needed the thing not sent to me, to save me and them, energy, time, and money. He assured that the settings for my account were changed and the further packages won’t be sent.

I received the package anyway. I was infuriated beyond limit. I wanted to throw away the shit, fling it in the community garbage. I emailed them, because if I had called I would have abused them mercilessly. I told them what happened, and they responded very poorly, and then stopped responding altogether. Next step, I called them up, and the lady had the balls to start explaining the product to me once again. I raised my voice and said some nasty things. She asked me to ship back the product to them, and ensured that the settings to my account will be changed permanently. I told her I would not ship, because it was not my mistake, but then I finally decided to ship it anyway. I decided to take action separately, and ship it so as not to have to deal with them stealing money from me. 

I shipped them back their shit and asked for reimbursement. They did not respond. I filed an online complaint with Federal Trade Commission, and they have recorded my complaint, and seemingly informed the business too. I wrote on the company’s twitter wall that I was going to take serious action. Here is a snapshot of what ensued over PM:






















I want to sue these people, but I am kinda too tired for that right now.

Social media is really powerful.


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