Little surprises

Little things make a difference. Very little things.

Last evening I was upset for some reason. Not unnecessarily, though. And then I concluded certain important things, for myself. Reaching home, my housemate suggested that we go out for dinner, as both of us were hungry, and there was no food at home. Eggs, one of the most awesome things ever, came to our rescue. Easy to cook, delicious, healthy. I made scrambled eggs, and then my other housemate came home, with groceries. She had even got stuff that I like and she does not. I kept staring at her, and asked her if it was induced with poison. We all had fun as we kicked each others’ asses, sometimes figuratively speaking, and sometimes, literally. And I cooked another meal, because she had a busy day ahead, today, and I was going to be relatively free. Like I said, sharing groceries has a lot of benefits. You learn to take care of each other, not strictly out of vested interests, but because, slowly, a house starts turning into a home. A single day spent at a small cozy home is much worth than a thousand days spent in a mansion-like house. It is priceless. I listened to some music, watched half of a movie I love, all, expecting my head would cool off. Nothing seemed to help much.

In the morning, as I was watching the rest of the movie, I received an email about the paperwork for my job. It could not be completed for some stupid reason, and I have been waiting for it for ages now. Bummer. I anyway left for work, spent some worthless time in the town’s best coffee shop (I love the place on other days), worked. I talked a bit to my boss. She is quite an aged woman, and talks to me like I am not someone way younger than her. She talks to me like she would supposedly talk to a colleague of her age. We have good conversations, and I really like working for her. I later called a cab to go to school, with my head still fuming a bit.

And voila! I had hardly opened the cab door, and I was greeted by – where have you been! I am so glad to see you! He was the same old man who had met me about 2.5 months ago, when I was going to NY to meet my friend. I had had such a lovely talk with him, and I could not forget it. I did not know if it was so to him too, something that I often wonder about. And he proved me right. Special conversations and moments can be so to both the people involved. He had remembered my face, and the talks we had had, even at such a ripe old age. He asked my what was up with me these days, and was delighted to hear how busy I am. He called me a very wise young woman. Very few people call me that, and something like that coming from a person like him, I felt good. Well, I am stupid for most part of all the days, and life for that matter, but there can be moments of wisdom, and hopefully, he tapped on to one of those moments. I told him that I had been cranky since morning, and meeting him kind of made my day. He asked me the reason for my crankiness, and I said – unwanted paperwork. He laughed and said – you are just too much. He did not accept the tip, and the relationship that I share with not-a-stranger-anymore-old-man became all the more sweet. I got off for the shitty paperwork with a wide smile on my face.

Coming back home, I chatted with my friend for a bit, doling out relationship advices to him, like I am some relationship expert. These advices were not unsolicited, and I probably was the right person anyway, if not the best one, to give those to him. Then I slept, and then I got up. Hungry. Then I made this:


If you have cared to read about little surprises that mattered to me y’day and today, here’s the recipe:

One of those whole wheat saltine crackers for the base, and then all the awesome little things that you can lay your hands on. Like:

raw tomatoes, raw onions, carefully picked cubes of potatoes from last night’s vegetable curry, mint chutney, sandwich masala powder(an awesome invention that Indians came up with to Indianize a foreign food, and to placate their spiced-up taste buds), cheese, heated olive oil, to pour over the entire thing. I let it stay there for some time, so the ingredients get introduced to each other, before I eat them all like a monster :B And don’t miss the ginger tea haha.

A happy stomach leads to a happy head! 😀


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