Segue in daily life

Yesterday I was going to start reading a book. I instead watched two episodes of complete American trash – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, emailed my ex bosses and lied to them about how adventurous and enriching my life has been, cooked lasooni palak dal to last three people for three days, talked to my folks. Then I talked to my best friend. We discussed that we are probably too romantic, but just too practical too, so we have to just meet, be together somehow, and spend the rest of our lives together. She will marry, have kids, and I will take good care of her kids. That’s the plan.Then Islept, got up today, had breakfast with a friend I met after a long time, cleaned my kitchen spick and span.

Then I sat with my roommate to look for a new house. I want to experience a new place, and get out of the quaint-but-not-so-charming city I live in. We researched a lot, and later took rest from it. All through I had stuff going on in head, and was going to write something intense about Man vs Woman.But then I doodled, and then I googled.Then I had a quick shower, listened to romantic Hindi songs, and sang along loudly until I thought my neighbours would call the cops, and then started writing about this entire segue.

Here’s my doodle

Thrice upon a time

Thrice upon a time





















Now as I will get to read my book, you may listen to a sweet Hindi song 😀


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