Doofus and Love Guru – part 1

Security opened Doffus’ blindfold and left. He blinked a lot to clear his eyesight. He thought it wasn’t clear in front of him, even when it was. He was on clouds. Cottony clouds. With serene light around him. With few people walking in the distance, calmly. He thought – Am I in heaven? Am I dead? Then Love Guru appeared in front of him, and he recognized him immediately, even though they had never met before.

Doofus (with apprehensive conduct, wide eyes, and a sickening smile): Hello, Love Guru. I am so glad that I finally got to meet you.

Love Guru: Call me Guru, Doofus. You are qualified to meet me. (No smile, eyes half-open, bored).

Doofus (smiling too much): Thanks, Guru. Please impart your knowledge about love to me. I am so lost in this world. I do not understand anything. Everyone has something different to say. After listening to them, my experiences hardly matter to me. I am so eager to know the truth about love.

Guru: Doofus, Doofus. Sigh!

Silence. Utter silence.

Doofus: Define love for me. Please, Guru.

Guru: What do you know so far? What all have you heard? Experienced?

Doofus: That true love exists. That love is just an illusion. That love has different meanings for different people. That love, like everything else, is a figment of good Lord’s imagination. That love is crippling. That love is sunshine. That love is poison. That love is..

Guru: Shut up, will you?

Doofus: But you asked me to..

Guru: Shut up.

Doofus: Okay. But..

Guru: Shut up, Doofus.

Doofus looks at Guru with questioning eyes. Guru pays him no attention. Doofus lowers his eyes, like he is embarrassed of all the things he said in front of Guru, about love.


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