Tonight was nice. Very very nice.

What do you do when you are drunk and kind of tired and sleepy, but you want to write, etch? I don’t want to wait until tomorrow, because my heart, right now, bubbles.

I went to an Americanized Middle-Eastern restaurant today evening, where food was okay, and music was niiiiice. They played songs from all genres – unchained melody from Ghost to some rock song I could not recognize but enjoy. I love this kind of set up, where they play music of any kind, not letting you stick to one feeling, making you jump from jazz to rock to blues to whatever. Then they started their band performance. They were so fucking good – the two of the trio had orgasmic expressions on their faces as they played their drums and keyboard, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Later, the waiter, with the table cleaning cloth hanging on to his belt, danced pretty merry with a girl with short hair and checkered shirt. I could not stop smiling.

Here I go – your body, mind, heart, blood, soul, are one. Your heart cannot feel differently from your mind, If it does, you are lying to yourself. There is no feeling that can compare to the one, where every part of you wants the same thing. Every pore calls out the same name. The world is a bokeh, and all that matters is that person you yearn for, you love 🙂


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