Mornings and cigarettes


Every morning when you get up, you do not know how the day ahead is going to be like. Happy, sad, meh, drunk, sober, crazy. disappointing, etc. You do not know how many black hair you are going to watch with a heavy heart head to the tub hole. You do not know how many greys you are going to spot in the mirror. You do not know anything. Before I begin with this drag, I need time all for myself. I am grateful when I get up, to have lived another day. To celebrate that, every morning, I light my Black cigar, drink my cuppa tea, and listen to music. All the while I also miss my Black cigarettes 😦 Sigh!

Just a couple days ago I finally understood why my favourite brand of cigarettes are sold as mini cigars in the USA. Djarum Black clove cigarettes is something that I got hooked on to about a year ago. I love them.

A dude in Indonesia invented clove cigarettes, because smoking hurt his lungs, but he loved to smoke. Love him. But the poor guy eventually died of lung cancer 😦

In the USA, all flavoured cigarettes except for menthol got banned, in 2009. Bloody sucky menthols stayed. Why should FDA decide what I should smoke and what I should not? I instead buy the cigar version of Djarum Black, which I do not like much. They are pretty hard, and do not give the same feeling of the cigarettes. Cigars are not covered under FDA, and that’s the loophole that was found by these cigarette manufacturers. Crazy crazy crazy…



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